Write for PvP

We are currently looking for guest writers for our Guest Star feature. We’d love to feature guest writers on a weekly basis, and as PvP grows we want more regular writers to join us. In the meantime, this is how you get started.

What Would I Write?

Basically: anything nerdy or pop culture from an intersectional feminist point of view. We’re not really a news site, so as of right now we are not interested in features of this type unless they relate directly to nerd culture. We are, however, very open to suggestions and want to offer everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion. So if you have a pitch, let us know!

What Do I Get From This?

We can’t pay you. Any money we currently make on Princess vs Peril goes to covering our DreamHost bill and other related expenses. You will, however, receive full credit for your article in the form of a byline and be promoted across our social media outlets.

How Do I Send You My Writing?

All guest submissions and/or pitches should be emailed to submission princessvsperil . com in the body of the email. (No attachments, please!)  We will reply as soon as we are able with our decision, and if you’re approved, an invite to create a Contributor account will be emailed to you.