Bitches Get Stuff Done: Reading Bitch Planet

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I picked up Bitch Planet #1 and #2 on Wednesday, and I’m kicking myself I didn’t do it sooner. This is a series that simultaneously entertains and, more importantly, challenges. The first two issues come with feminist essays before the letter column, and so far, the cast focuses around women of color.

Bitch Planet isn’t just a female-written comic version of 2007’s Grindhouse double feature. While fun, it isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty or push into uncomfortable territory, and I don’t mean in a trigger-warning kind of way. It’s messy, and complicated, and the women it follows aren’t saints, but they certainly aren’t monsters. They’re just women.



In the world of Bitch Planet, ‘non-compliant’ women are sent off-world to live in a prison colony. They are outcast for their willful natures and their desire to be seen and heard or for not caring to bend over backwards in pleasing the patriarchy that rules this dystopian future. It’s exaggerated but it isn’t foreign.

How many of us are scorned for refusing to smile? Insulted for ignoring unwanted advances? Assumed to be lesser, dumber, weaker? We aren’t being branded non compliant, but we certainly feel the repercussions in our bones when we rock the boat for those the system benefits.

I’m looking forward to where Bitch Planet goes.

Bitch Planet is available DRM-free at Image Comics, through Comixology, or your local comic store.

Purple-haired Pepper Potts.

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