What Rachel’s Reading Right Now: November 2014

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I hit a dry spell somewhere in the middle of the year thanks to working a backbreaking job that left me no time for higher brain functions, but I’ve managed to fix that. Sort of. Ask me again after the New Year and I’ve been working two jobs.


The Secret History of Wonder Woman

The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore

This was definitely stranger than I expected, and doesn’t stick to just discussing Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston. In fact, it covers a great deal of the women’s suffrage movement and how it gave rise to feminism as we know it today, putting together the pieces that Margaret Sanger inspired in Marston and the women in his life. This is a biography of the people who inspired and gave life to Wonder Woman. Very well researched, but I recommend Rosalind Rosenberg’s Divided Lives to flesh out the history this book doesn’t cover. And then maybe Mike Madrid’s The Supergirls for a more complete history of Wonder Women in print.


The Penguin Book of Witches

The Penguin Book of Witches edited by Katherine Howe

I picked this up because I am a huge cultural anthropology nerd for all things related to witchcraft. This contains old court documents from New England witch trials, and is definitely not light reading. Howe has some great insights into the various documents.




Gotham Academy #1

Gotham Academy #1

Gotham Academy

Oh gosh, Gotham Academy is cute. It’s like Gravity Falls has a magical girl cousin set in the DCverse. Readers, I highly recommend you go pick it up. Support those female leads written by women! Go! Make haste!





Ms Marvel #7

Ms Marvel #7

Ms Marvel

The first trade paperback, No Normal, is out! If you’ve been holding off, now is your chance to go and immerse yourself in the awesome adorableness that is Kamala Khan. Kamala is definitely growing into her own and molding the Ms Marvel moniker with her. I’m sure when Carol gets back from space, she’s gonna be proud.





The Faust Act

The Faust Act

The Wicked + The Divine

Wow, how did I almost forget this? Gillen and McKelvie has put together something I almost burn with jealousy reading every time I pick it up. Gods and teenagers and pop music might be one true kryptonite. The first trade paperback of this, The Faust Act, also just got released like, this week. Or something. Amazon gives me different info than Gillen. But this is definitely the thing I want to buy multiple copies of and shove in people’s faces.



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