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Blake Northcott

It’s time for another thrilling addition to Princess vs Peril’s Let’s Kickstart series, featuring Final Empire; the final entry to Blake Northcott’s Arena Mode saga!

Final Empire and Arena Mode series are Kickstarted novels in the same vein as Kelly Thompson’s Storykiller, crowd sourced funding with super cool extras from big name artists contributing to the project. Some of the artists featured in Final Empire are Ron Upchurch (Rat Queens), Natasha Allegri (Adventure Time), and Comic Book Girl 19.

So what is Arena Mode? Let’s take a look…

In his twenty-nine years, Matthew Moxon had done virtually nothing with his record-breaking IQ and unparalleled problem solving skills. Until one morning, after a dangerous fall lands him in the emergency room, he discovers that a tumor is pressing against his brain.

Unable to afford experimental but potentially life-saving surgery, Moxon takes drastic action; he volunteers for Arena Mode: 2041’s most vicious sporting event, where thirteen superhumans fight in an urban combat zone for a multi-billion dollar prize.

Moxon is forced to battle opponents possessing ungodly speed, strength, and abilities once thought to exist only across the pages of superhero comics – and he’s armed with nothing more than his rapidly-diminishing brain cells.

With the odds stacked impossibly against him, Moxon fights to not only survive the wrath of the other competitors, but to unlock the mysteries buried within the Arena itself.

While not our typical Let’s Kickstart contender (we usually focus on female leads), Blake Northcott’s hard work and dedication are more than enough reason for us to promote it.

Oh, and I want to know about this awesome blue chick with a manticore that Allegri illustrated. She definitely lines up with Things I Am Interested In.

Brynja by Natasha Allegri

Brynja by Natasha Allegri

The Final Empire Kickstarter will wrap up on November 16, but there’s still time to get involved and get some of the nifty goodies that come with the reward tiers.

Purple-haired Pepper Potts.

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