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I miss writing, Readers. Work is great and all, but it is seriously cutting in to my video game playing and comic book reading. So here’s a list of things I consider my Problematic Faves*.

* Not to be considered a guilty pleasure. I have no shame.


There is nothing problematic about loving Ellen Ripley. She is a Queen of Science Fiction in her own right, and the film itself ranks as my favorite of the franchise due to it’s creeping tension and beautiful cinematography. Just take a moment to marvel at the featured image up above. Go ahead.

… anyway.

What’s problematic is even what is meant to be considered uncomfortable and disturbing, so no, it’s not the “underwear scene” in the film’s finale. Which, okay, yes, she’s about to go into cryo-sleep which apparently means you do this in your underwear rather than any form of protective gear and then SURPRISE XENOMORPH IN THE WALLS. But the really creepy scene happens a lot earlier…

When it’s just down to Parker, Lambert, and Ripley, Ripley is off by herself while Lambert and Parker attempt to gather supplies for their escape. The xenomorph corners Lambert, and in her panic she freezes and is taken out by the monster.

We don’t see her death, but we certainly hear it. And it’s definitely implies more than just murder, which Giger has been quoted of saying that it makes the scene that much more disturbing that we don’t know if the xenomorph is raping or killing her while Ripley listens.

My nerd brain has tried to rationalize this one out that the xenomorph has no sex drive or even domination motives of any kind so it’s probably just brutally killing her, but yeah. Creepy. Gross. Problematic. (Still an amazing film.)

Wuthering Heights

Did you know that I adore this novel? Probably. I have talked about it before when the latest film featuring Kaya Scodelario was released. But no, seriously, I love Wuthering Heights and how messed up it is. I have at least five different copies of it for collection reasons. I love it because it is problematic, because it’s like a gothic literature version of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Basically, I just love terrible people doing terrible things so I can laugh at their misfortunes. It’s why I watch Bridezillas.

Basically Anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel, you’re trying. I can see that. That’s no excuse for some of the dumber shit you do, like Drax calling Gamora a whore in Guardians of the Galaxy, pretty much anything going on in Agents of SHIELDand a lot of the weird stuff in Iron Man 3, but you’re taking more risks than other film studios might. Your movies are straddling the fence between safe and trying new things, which often gets blown up as bigger than it really is, but the films themselves are fun.

I just don’t know how far the enjoyment of said films will get them when the quirky effect wears off and we still don’t have a female-lead or racially diverse film in the mix.

Saints Row: The Third & IV

I actually haven’t played the first Saints Row, or even the second. I just remember seeing TV spots for being able to drive a schoolbus around while dressed as a furry and promptly placed it on my GameFly queue because why the fuck not? Anita Sarkeesian brings up some great points about it’s more problematic elements, but Saints Row: The Third totally won me over with how much it made fun of itself and the sandbox thug genre of gaming.

Purple-haired Pepper Potts.

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