Ten Badass Women from Magic: The Gathering’s 2015 Core Set

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I recently started playing Magic: The Gathering. You know, the addictive card game with gorgeous art, thousands of cards, and indecipherable numbers all over the place?

It’s not as intimidating as it looks, I promise. But even if you never pick up a card, you can definitely appreciate some of the badass women in the latest core set.

We’ve got teen killers, we’ve got knights in shining armor, and we’ve got one seriously awesome lady in an eyepatch. (We’ve also got an overabundance of boob plate. Sigh.)

I’ve gathered my ten fave ladies below, just for you. Incorporate a couple in your decks, or just print ’em out and hang ’em on your wall for inspiration and guidance in your quest for world domination.


Cruel Sadist

I like that Cruel Sadist sticks to the Black theme of power at any cost. I also like that Cruel Sadist is a teenaged girl about to cut you in half, probably while humming Carly Rae Jepsen.


Spirit Bonds

The art for Spirit Bonds is glorious: a woman of color in full armor (no boob plate! no midriff showing!), proudly standing over her vanquished foes while an ancestor supports her on the battlefield. It assertively places people of color in fantasy, a genre more likely to include (white) mythological species than actual human diversity.


Xathrid Slyblade

Despite what some franchises might say (COUGH), lady assassins are always cool. They’re double cool if they’re hexproof and also wearing an amazing outfit. Seriously, I found my Halloween costume.



Chandra, Pyromaster

I was a little skeptical of Chandra for a while. Oh look, another hot-headed redhead in thigh-highs. But side-eyeing aside, Chandra’s in all her pyromaniac glory here. Burn ’em down, girl.


Serra Angel

“Follow the light. In its absence, follow her.” Nothing says righteous angel general leading the charge like Serra Angel. She’s probably not a lot of fun to hang out with (always going on about The Light and putting coasters under your drinks), but she’s the kind of inspirational leader you rally around.


Spectra Ward

I’m not entirely sure I get Spectra Ward‘s pose, but I can easily imagine her swiftly dancing through the battlefield, avoiding her enemies before dealing the final blow. Also, her haircut is super cute.


Liliana Vess

Ah, Liliana, Dark Queen of my Heart. Liliana is in my Black-White deck because…well, check out those abilities. While she’s dressed more revealingly than most of the ladies on this list (and her waist looks a little off), the style fits her character and isn’t super fanservice-y. Also, she’s about to mow you down with your own undead troops. Score.


Paragon of New Dawns

Badass woman leading the charge while burly dudes back her up? I’m all in.


Raise the Alarm

Raise the Alarm is actually a pretty handy Instant, but what I really love about this card is the female soldier at the front. She’s as fierce as her male partner, and they’re essentially dressed the same. She’s a soldier, first and foremost — and not a “sexy” soldier, bearing her midriff or parading around in high heels. It’s a really equal card to me, and I love that.


Borderland Marauder

I look at this card and think: don’t ask Borderland Marauder how she lost her eye unless you want to lose yours. But seriously, check out those arms! And those shoulders!! Borderland Marauder is not someone you mess around with, ok? In fact, if she wants to wear boob plate, who am I to argue? You go ahead and do whatever you want, BM. I’ve got your back.

Honorable Mention:



Illusory Angel

Illusory Angel is a beautiful card and probably would have made my main list if I wasn’t resentful about losing to a Blue deck that plays her one too many times. I’m coming for you, Illusory Angel.

Got a woman you wanna add, from M15 or earlier? Leave it in the comments!

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