Let’s Kickstart Jenny LeClue!

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I’m pretty choosy about which Kickstarters I back. I don’t throw my money away on potato salad, but I do try to support projects that not only fit my personal mission to add more representation to media, but also look fun.

So I pretty much backed upcoming episodic adventure game Jenny LeClue faster than you can say “Super Awesome Female Lead Solving Mysteries And Saving the Day.”

Okay, I guess it depends on how quickly you can say that. But it was pretty fast.

Jenny LeClue follows the title protagonist as she solves mysteries around the fictional college town of Arthurton. The game promises player-driven story twists, a central mother-daughter relationship, and a diverse cast of characters. Oh, and some seriously gorgeous art.

Jenny LeClue Gif

Guys, it’s beautiful.

It kind of sounds like a charming version of L.A. Noire that isn’t almost solely about white dudes.

So let’s tally up what Jenny LeClue has to offer:

Beautiful mid-century-inspired art? — Check
Adventure game meets interactive storyline? — Check
Witty, intriguing female protagonist who is “no one’s trophy”? — Check

In short, Jenny LeClue looks amazing. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer.

As a woman who spent her childhood identifying with pretty much every girl detective– whether it was Nancy Drew, Harriet the Spy, or Trixie Belden — I’m happy to see another gal added to that auspicious pantheon. But I’m also really excited about how Jenny updates those characters and stories to reflect our world today.

Creator Joe Russ recently spoke to me about Jenny, female protagonists, and the game’s diverse cast.

I relate to female characters as being strong, creative, and intelligent. I am surrounded by strong women, including my partner, and I was raised by my mother who is also wise, brave, and creative.

I also find female protagonists to be severely underrepresented in games, tv, and films and Jenny LeClue is not a trophy, she is our hero!

Jenny absolutely celebrates characters like Nancy Drew, Harriet The Spy, Veronica Mars and Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote.

We also want the world of Arthurton to be more representative of our world – so the diversity of Arthurton’s population will reflect that of the US Census demographics.

As I was writing this article, Jenny LeClue hit its first goal. This is half the battle — but there’s still more work to do with stretch goals that include voice acting, translations, and console support. You can also vote for it through Steam Greenlight.

So c’mon gang, let’s do it! Let’s Kickstart Jenny LeClue!

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  1. Nburr

    August 13, 2014 at 11:42 AM

    Wonderful article! I may be a bit bias since I know some of the people working on it, but amazing game and amazing artists at work here!

    • Kelly

      August 13, 2014 at 5:17 PM

      It looks amazing. Here’s hoping they hit more of those stretch goals before it’s all over!!

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