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On Sailor Moon, Usagi Don’t Need No Tuxedo Kamen

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Episode 5: Scent of a Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love

Photo Credit: Sailor Moon Screencaps @ Tumblr

Photo Credit: Sailor Moon Screencaps @ Tumblr

Turns out that Usagi’s baby brother Shingo is afraid of cats. Seeing as how Usagi wants to keep Luna around, this is cause for some animosity between the two. Luckily, the bad guys are here to help!

Wait, that’s not right. Either way, the energy sucking device of the day is a cute little rabbit thing called a Chanela that emits a perfume scent and apparently does not require any kind of food. These things are like proto-cell phones in how aggressively the kids who buy them act when they’re out of their sight. They get anxious and have strange outbursts, and not much seems to get their attention when they’re staring at their Chanela as it happily sucks away their life energy.

She says while multitasking on her phone while she types up this recap.

Photo Credit: Sailor Moon Screencaps @ Tumblr

Photo Credit: Sailor Moon Screencaps @ Tumblr

If I remember correctly, this episode never actually made it to the states either, due to the fact that Shingo actually kicks Luna when she tries to be affectionate towards him post-Chanela purchase. Usagi even falls into the trap when she goes to investigate the pet shop, but thankfully Luna… does. Something. She steals it from Usagi’s hands after Usagi walks by a little girl who trips and starts crying and flat out ignores her, which is pretty uncharacteristic for Usagi. What she does with it is up for debate.

Usagi even defeats the youma without the help of Tuxedo Kamen, and after she saves the mindless horde of kids who bought Chanelas, tells Shingo to treat his sister’s cat better. Even if he did mistake her for Sailor V. Stupid kids.

Episode 6: Protect the Melody of Love: Usagi Plays Cupid


Photo Credit: Sailor Moon Screencaps @ Tumblr

Okay, this one is weird. I don’t even remember if I’ve seen it before, but it feels like a real Sailor Moon episode in terms of show structure. You even get the adorable ‘the moonlight is a message of love’ before the show starts!

Today’s plan of villainy is to take over the minds of the masses with a special cassette tape that Jadeite made, where the music itself will suck the energy from whomever hears it. For this to be effective, they have to infiltrate a recording studio. Oddly enough, they didn’t just use the radio station from before.


Photo Credit: Sailor Moon Screencaps @ Tumblr

The episode itself focuses on Usagi helping out a jazz musician get with the woman he loves and writes all of his music for, and the evil tape gets mixed up with his demo tape for her. This leaves both our villain and our hero chasing after the other, trying to get the right tape for different reasons, with Usagi having to stop the youma from airing the music. It’s less about Sailor Moon and more about the musician and his crush, though Usagi does shine. It’s been three episodes, and she hasn’t needed Tuxedo Kamen to save her once.

Usagi saves the day, gets the lovers together, and gets a song dedicated to her in the process. You go, Usagi. Keep it up!

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  1. Michelle

    May 30, 2014 at 2:52 PM

    Having never really watched the original before, I’m so surprised at the number of episodes between Usagi becoming Sailor Moon and any of the other senshi showing up! I do like how much growth she has before that happens, which is honestly refreshing when I remember how differently she was portrayed in the dub. And LOL @ Chanela’s being proto-cell phones. It’s so perfect. How did they manage to predict that?!

    • Rachel

      June 2, 2014 at 10:49 PM

      They cut out a lot of stuff in the dub for the sake of brevity. Basically anything that didn’t contribute to the plot or would be too hard to localize didn’t get dubbed.

      She’s super immature in comparison to where she is in the manga, but they do different things with everyone and have more development overall.

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