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Clone Club Cosplay: Part 2

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My first Clone Club Cosplay post was linked on Jezebel! This has brought some awesome traffic to the site, and inspired me to get started on that second post that I promised.

Spoilers aplenty for season two in this post.



Seestra [Helena] via Polyvore

I’m really happy we haven’t lost Helena, even if she’s in a pretty dire position after Episode 3. I have faith (ha!) she’ll figure a way out of it, as she’s a pretty resourceful young woman who, if she can somehow manage to live after a gunshot wound to the chest, can figure out how to take down this creep who just ‘married’ her.

Helena’s outfit is simple. Skinny jeans, white tanktop, utility jacket, and some foldover combat boots. A beanie to hide her wild hair, and angel wings for her scars. (Bonus friendship necklace to share with your very own ‘seestra’.) Toast and sugar packets hidden in the pockets of her clothes not included.


Coming to Terms via Polyvore

Coming to Terms [Rachel Duncan] via Polyvore

Rachel is very unique, and right now, mysterious. (Also, I have to root for anyone who shares my name.) She has an advantage over her fellow clones by having more information at her hands than any of the others, and is herself in a position of authority. She looks older than the rest of them, and is by far the most distinguished in dress.

That covers the core five. Are there other clones you’d like to see me dress, readers? Or perhaps another, non-clone character? (Felix is coming to mind.)

Purple-haired Pepper Potts.

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