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In the Name of the Moon, Let’s Get F*cking Pumped for July

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By now we all know that everyone’s favorite feminist superhero, Sailor Moon, is making her anime comeback, right? Here‘s the photo announcement, in case you missed it. Get your Nico Nico Douga accounts ready, because we have a seiyuu announcement and THE ORIGINAL USAGI IS BACK.

In honor of all this Sailor Moon goodness, I rounded up my favorite Sailor Moon 8tracks mixes. Rec yours in the comments!

In the words of the mix creator, “prepare for girl power overdose”.

Lasts just the perfect duration for a quick productivity boost.

I can’t even describe how perfect this mix is.

Songs for a fight.

The greatest love story Americans were denied.

Girls! Love! I didn’t even ship it but this mix makes me want to.
For the villains.
Annnd if you wanna be sad about Serenity and Endymion, here you go.

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