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Nerdy Crafting is Cool: Star Trek Edition

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Staff writer Elijah recently invited me to a Star Trek tabletop game.  The chance to craft my own Star Trek universe character was too great to turn down, so of course I said yes. But with Star Trek comes the entire, unlimited franchise…and maybe you haven’t noticed, but that’s a lot of universe to explore. Character creation is limitless.

So to get my character-building juices flowing, I turned to one of my favorite havens: nerdy crafting. Once again, the internet has our back, crafty nerds! Check out some really great projects, most of which are low-cost and involve materials you might already have lying around your captain’s quarters.

Click on the pictures for instructions or buying options.

Picard Facepalm Cookie, JustJenn Recipes & Warpzone Cookie Cutter

Picard Facepalm Cookie, JustJenn Recipes & Warpzone Cookie Cutter

Things these Jean-Luc Picard facepalming cookies are good for: marathons, parties, entire afternoons spent playing Mitu Khandarker’s Redshirt. Things they are not good for: right, they’re perfect for everything, never mind.

Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt

Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt

Sure, there’s lots of low-cost, mass-produced nerdy shirts these days. But a one-of-a-kind Star Trek shirt this easy to make? Priceless.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. - Cross Stitch Pattern - $3.00

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Cross Stitch Pattern – $3.00

Picard’s famous request, immortalized by your own hand.

Star Trek Photo Coasters

Star Trek Photo Coasters

And for your cup of tea, we have some easy but unique photo coasters. Best of all, the supplies are super cheap and easy to find at a local craft store. After you finish a set of these, check out Punk Projects’s other super awesome Trek crafts, including a Science Officer Laptop Sleeve.

Star Trek Pot Holders, Free

Star Trek Pot Holders Pattern – Free

If possible, I always include a knitting pattern in these posts. And this one is just too perfect. Simple, understated, and easy to make while you’re zipping through Deep Space Nine episodes.

Fabric Decoupage Shoes

Fabric Decoupage Shoes

Converse has put out a lot of nerdy shoes, but why buy when you can make? These fabric decoupage shoes are a great way to use leftover fabric and an old but beloved pair of sneakers that need new life.

 Spock & Kirk Chibi Plush Pattern - $9.22

Spock & Kirk Chibi Plush Pattern – $9.22

And last but never least, some seriously cute Spock and Kirk plushies.

Now that I’ve restrained myself this long, time to get out all the famous phrases I stopped myself from over-using in this article: To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before! Live Long and Prosper! Khaaaaaaaaan!

The list goes on, but I’m a blogger, not a…oh, never mind.

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