A Quick Experience with Tinder, or Why Rachel is Bad at Flirting

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I made a Tinder profile on Sunday afternoon. By Monday afternoon, in between frustrated rants to a friend over the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Festivalé event, I had decided I was going to delete it.

For those not in the know, Tinder is “how people meet. It’s like real life, but better.” At least that’s what the app is according to their website. What Tinder does is connect to your Facebook profile to grab your name, age, some pics, your friends list, and your likes. Once that’s all set up, you can make a little bio saying what you’re looking for or whatever. I stuck a little bit about my penchant for constantly changing hair colors, as well as my Instagram username on there because I noticed a lot of other people linking to things like that.

Anyway, from there, you set up some parameters of what you’re looking for. You can adjust the range in ages from 18-50+, whether you’re looking for men or women, and how far away you’re interested in possibly traveling to meet people. (I think the upper limit was 100 miles.) My settings established, my profile set up, and a collection of pictures that I felt gave a good look at my face and one random one where I’m holding a giant plush octopus on my head, I started swiping between profiles Tinder had to offer.

I'm normal, please date me~

I’m normal, please date me~

If you can’t tell, Tinder is a dating app.

I got a range of guys and a small handful of women who I was matched up with. Within an hour of downloading the app and receiving some matches, I was having a few conversations with some of the guys. (None of the women initiated a conversation, and I didn’t either.) It was pretty casual, just a few “hey what’s up”s and the like. The one guy who stood out initiated the conversation by calling me “sexy,” to which I replied with a thank you and a compliment in kind. Because hey, he was cute. He seemed appreciative of my response, and we chatted about how our nights were both pretty low key and that we were both watching the Academy Awards.

Then he made a comment about how much more fun the night would be if I were on his couch with him and I realized how horrible I am at flirting with complete strangers.


I never replied and let the app sit for the rest of the night, ignoring any new conversations that came up until I was hanging out with a friend and could share the experience with her. We laughed at the whole thing and how we both were too much of introverts to do this kind of thing, and I fired up the app to read the conversations out to her while looking for the “Delete Account” option. My Facebook account disconnected and profile deleted, I removed the app from my phone.

This is not a review of Tinder, per se, but just an evaluation of my own experience. Any judgement call of the app itself would be premature in all forms. But I know myself, and I know randomly aggregated location data just doesn’t do it for me when it comes to meeting people. I gave it a try in a fit of boredom and curiosity, because it seemed more casual than creating an OKCupid profile.

I also realized that pursuing any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with anyone new was the last thing I needed. But hey, at least I know about the Tinder Drinking Game now.

Purple-haired Pepper Potts.

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