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Let’s face it: it’s not easy being a woman in the comics biz. Whether it’s as a creator or consumer, women constantly face harassment, discrimination, and good ol’ fashioned accusations that we “don’t belong” in this “historically male-dominated” field.

But wait, what’s that? There’s actually a long and interesting history of women in the comics industry? You bet there is! And upcoming documentary She Makes Comics aims to tell us all about it.

Check out the video below to get a taste of what’s to come if the film is kickstarted:

What I especially love about She Makes Comics is that it not only tells the history of women and comics, but allows those women to tell their own stories, too. As a historian with a background in oral history, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to listen and record voices that are usually overlooked in the archive. She Makes Comics empowers its subjects by letting them share their experiences in a way that’s comfortable for them.

I recently asked director Marisa Stotter about the project, her inspiration for it, and what we can expect from it:

She Makes Comics is something that’s long overdue in the comics community. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the state of women in comics, but these discussions have been mostly confined to the blogosphere and convention panels. When I started working with Patrick and Jordan at Respect Films, I thought that an accessible documentary celebrating women’s contributions to comics would be a great way to bring these important conversations into the mainstream.

We intend to emphasize the positive in our film, focusing on the storied (yet relatively unknown) history of women in the medium, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ignore the struggles that women continue to face today in the world of comics. Sexism, discrimination, and harassment are all issues that still plague the comics community, and we will certainly address them in She Makes Comics. But we do hope that the takeaway from the film is uplifting and inspiring to women (and men), whether they’re lifelong comic readers or are newcomers curious about getting involved.

As a long-time comic book reader, this project is especially near and dear to my heart. During undergrad, one of my class projects was an examination of the history of women in comics. Unfortunately, I found it really hard to find good source materials. A skeptical professor insisting I was “grasping at straws” didn’t help.

There’s a part of me that wouldn’t mind hand-delivering She Makes Comics to his office with a big smile.

So let’s make it happen! At the time of this writing, She Makes Comics was sitting at 78% funded. Let’s see it go all the way!

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