Loren The Amazon Princess: Clunky but Charming

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Wow, we post about a lot of PC/Mac visual novels! This time it’s about Loren The Amazon Princess by Winter Wolves, an old-fashioned turn-based Fantasy RPG. In it you do not play as Loren herself, but as either a male human slave, Saren, or a female elf slave, Elenor. (As a note, I chose Elenor.) From there you can tweak your character background through a series of dialogue prompts and choose what kind of class you want to play. (WOO ROGUE.)

Loren herself is, as the title suggests, an Amazon Princess in the fantasy world of Alvaron. And I mean she is an Amazon. She is taller than most human men, is incredibly strong, and most definitely a misandrist. I won’t lie, readers, I found it hilarious.

If Wonder Woman were a misandrist, you would get Loren.

If Wonder Woman were a misandrist, you would get Loren.

Her mother, Queen Karen, has gone missing, and it is up to you to help Loren find her and bring her home safely. This is where things get fun and you start to gather up your fellow party members. Loren even starts off as the typical Strong Female Character™. She is tough and quick to anger, causing more problems than solving them as the game starts out.

But what’s great about Loren is that she becomes more than just a Strong Female Character™. She matures during her journey, learning to show respect for her fellow party members, especially the player character. She fights the very notion that Fate should rule her life, even when shown to be the chosen one of the Gods to wield a special sword. She helps move her people away from their isolationist tendencies and bridges gaps between the elves and the human cities. She opens up to the player character, and there is potential to even romance her as the human male despite the deeply ingrained Amazon taboo against love for men.


Loren knights the player character, releasing them from their slavery and assigning you as her Second in Command.

There’s a lot going on in Loren, far more than a quick review like this can really sum up. The art is a little cheesy at times, and the writing starts off clunky, but it is widely inclusive, offering both hetero and homosexual romances. Every character has a fully developed story arc, and the DLC expansion allows three NPCs to be recruited into your party.  You can play the trial for Windows/Mac/Linux from Winter Wolves or purchase the game through Steam.

This review was written using a press copy provided by the developer. However, the views within reflect solely those of the author.

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  1. Kelly

    February 14, 2014 at 12:24 PM

    This definitely has me excited to play it!!

    • Rachel

      February 14, 2014 at 2:29 PM

      I absolutely failed at romancing anyone the first time around but AAAH I NEED TO GO BACK AND ROMANCE REI AND DRACO.

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