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We’re bringing you another awesome Kickstarter project, readers. This time it’s Kelly Thompson’s Storykiller, a novel pitched as “… classic Fiction meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer for a new generation.” What really stands out about Storykiller here is that while it is a novel, it will have illustrations from many big name comics artists such as Kris Anka, Stephanie Hans, and Ming Doyle to name a few. (The full list can be seen on the Kickstarter page.)

Storykiller follows the exploits of Tessa Battle, a kickass high school student who fights monsters from our favorite novels when she’d rather by living a normal teenage life. Everything about this story just seems so cool, and I’m really excited to read it.

I mean look at some of the artwork.

I asked Thompson about Storykiller and what inspired her to write Tessa.

Well, I already spoke at length about how Buffy The Vampire Slayer influenced Storykiller in an essay on The Mary Sue, but I think that ever since I first watched BTVS I knew that I wanted to someday create something of my own that was inspired and influenced by what I had learned from and loved about BTVS.

In early 2010 I was really struggling with a revision for my agent on my first book The Girl Who Would Be King and as a distraction my boyfriend and I were talking about a middle grade type of story (a comic book) with an unlikely fairy tale princess at the center. In the process of brainstorming that project, and probably because I had fairy tales and other classic fiction stories on the brain, Storykiller just kind of happened.

While there was a ton of world building to still be done when I came up with the concept, and I’m not sure if the world building on Storykiller will ever truly be done, the idea itself emerged almost fully formed. Tessa was from day one an absolutely righteous hero, but also almost an anti-hero in her presentation and attitude, her natural objection to rules and structure that don’t make sense to her, her background and weaknesses driving her in the same way that her strengths do. Micah and Brand as Tessa’s first real friends in life, spectacular unique people in their own rights, fleshed out emotional center of the concept, and then it was just a matter of deciding who their supernatural allies and enemies would be (and who would be both) and how to fit all those puzzle pieces together. It all slid together rather effortlessly, or perhaps that’s how I remember it because I became instantly obsessed with it.  The high school setting, paired with classic Fictional concepts (and tropes) all merge together really naturally, creating organic themes about growing up, free will, finding yourself, fitting in, I mean, there’s a reason these stories are told over and over again, they’re the building blocks.

Quite honestly, the biggest challenge is probably trying to limit the characters I bring in the story, because when you’re dealing with the entire breadth of Fiction…well…that’s a lot to draw from, even when you have to stick to public domain.

The Kickstarter itself has already met its funding goals, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get involved! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go start reading The Girl Who Would Be King.

Purple-haired Pepper Potts.

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