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Looking Forward to 2014

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You saw what we loved about 2013, so here’s to a new year and new releases! Kelly and Rachel joined forces again to talk about what they’re most excited for in 2014.


Kelly: MoaCube, the company behind Cinders (which I love), is working on their next game, Solstice. It’s billed as a “mystery thriller about small personal disasters that can turn into great catastrophes and a clear conscience that is as rare as pure snow.” Yeah, consider me intrigued. Also giving them big points for a gay POC lead and what looks to be a really diverse cast in a beautiful fantasy setting. I’m just really excited, okay??

Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD

Kelly: Aveline is awesome, the end, and I’m glad more people can experience her story now. I hope it gets a little more content, maybe in DLC form. More Connor missions, too. Connor is my favorite assassin (next to Aveline), but I think their interaction in Liberation left a lot to be desired.

Rachel: I am stupidly excited for this release because there was no way I was going to be able to get a Vita just to play it. I’m glad enough people were interested in Aveline’s story for them to justify this port. This is something you’ll definitely be hearing more about from me.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Kelly: AQUA. Honestly, that’s the best part of this for me: the Birth by Sleep remake with Aqua, who is easily one of my favorite characters in the franchise. I’m also hoping the re-release of Kingdom Hearts 2 reminds everyone that Kairi is a keyblade master and needs more to do in the franchise. Time to make her part of the Destiny Islands trio again! Let her go out adventuring with Sora and Riku! Kick some butt with  Minnie and Daisy!

Rachel: LOOK. ANOTHER GAME I FINALLY GET TO PLAY BECAUSE I COULD NEVER AFFORD THE EXTRA CONSOLE. I think the Kingdom Hearts saga is one of my Forever Girls of gaming, and I was always bummed I missed out on the Birth by Sleep train. Now that I’m older and looking at the series from a more critical view, it’s not perfect (wow the entire Princess of Heart subplot), but that doesn’t dim my excitement for 2.5 Remix’s release any less.

Ms. Marvel (and more!)

Kelly: I don’t think I could be more excited for the new Ms. Marvel. I think introducing Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenage girl, as the new Ms. Marvel is a really good move on Marvel’s part. In fact, I’m looking forward to so many of their upcoming female-led comics: Black Widow, She-Hulk, Elektra. Now to see if DC tries to follow suit…and isn’t gross about it.

Rachel: Everything I’ve seen of Kamala/Ms. Marvel looks awesome. On a similar note, the last issue of Young Avengers is coming and I’m so not prepared for it. There’s a lot (and I mean a lot) I want to talk about in respect to Young Avengers, and I’ve been putting it off until this final issue.

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea part 2 DLC

Rachel: You play as Elizabeth. I don’t think we need to elaborate on why we’re excited.

The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC

Kelly: And on a DLC note: an entire DLC centerd around Ellie and Riley? We’re in. We are so in.

Dreamfall Chapters

Rachel: The Longest Journey games are personal favorites of mine, even though I’ve never finished either of them. They’re games with female leads in an undisclosed dystopian fantasy future setting who doesn’t look like your typical protagonist (at least to me). April and Zoe are complex young women in their own respects, and I’m so happy to see that almost a decade later there are fellow fans who helped get the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter funded because of their love for their stories.

Tales from the Borderlands

Kelly: I’m so late to the awesome that is the Borderlands franchise, but I could not be more excited for this game now. Pairing Gearbox with Telltale? Yes, please. And wow, new character Fiona looks amazing. And is that a young Handsome Jack with her…? I can’t even type any more I’m so excited.

Rachel:totally forgot about this when we were making this list, but yes. Shut up and take my money.

Backstage Pass

Kelly: I’m fairly new to the world of visual novels, but I’m already falling in love with the format. It’s easy to pick up and put down, yet compelling because wow, you really have to think about your choices. Lots of replay factor, too! Backstage Pass by sakevisual looks like a lot of fun−and holy moly, it’s fully voiced?

Bravely Default

Rachel: We’ve got a review coming up next week about this game from Elijah because he is English and the game was already released across the pond, and while it’s got a less than lovely arc in the major story, I’m still excited for this game that gives a nudge and a wink to the usual JRPG tropes.

Did we leave anything out? Know of something we should be totally hyped about? Comment below!

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